Foshan Global Casters also sincerely wishes all the students a happy start to school!

Foshan Global Casters co., ltd also sincerely wishes all the students a happy start to school!

Things took a startling turn when the elementary school playground became an unconventional training ground for students to engage in stabbing practice and bayonet technique. Locals were shocked and confused when the children, dressed in military and police uniforms, practiced their batons during normal play activities. The students lined up one by one with strict discipline and uniform movements, which can be called spectacular. After days of intensive training, the mental outlook of these young trainees has been completely renewed.


The strange training methods on the playground began to attract people’s attention, but the parents who sent their children to school saw an unexpected scene. Instead of the usual laughter and cheerful voices, what they saw was unprecedented precision and focus. The students, aged six to 12, were dressed in military and police uniforms and engaged in serious assassination practice. The scene before him seemed more suited to a military training camp than to an ordinary school playground. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, the trainees painstakingly studied the bayonet technique and learned how to use the long knife with amazing dexterity.

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The baton drill is rigorous, disciplined and carried out simultaneously. Each student lined up, head held high, practicing complex moves under the watchful eye of the instructor. The playground became the epitome of military training, leaving observers in awe of the skills and dedication of the students. The main purpose of these unconventional exercises is to instill discipline and resilience in young trainees, shaping them into strong and focused individuals. By immersing students in such intensive training, the school hopes to renew their mental outlook and teach them the virtue of perseverance and the importance of focused effort.

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While this approach to training has drawn attention and sparked debate within the community, proponents argue that pushing children beyond their comfort zone at an early age will help prepare them for the challenges they may face in the future . Critics, on the other hand, worry about the potential negative impact on a child’s innocence and question the appropriateness of such rigorous exercise at such a young age. Supporters stress that the goal is not to encourage violence, but to develop discipline and resilience in students, traits that will benefit them throughout life. Time will soon tell if these remarkable playground practices actually make a lasting positive impression on the young cadets, or if they inadvertently taint their own innocence in the process.

Foshan Global Casters co., ltd hope that in the new semester, everyone will be full of curiosity, study actively and achieve excellent results, and at the same time pay attention to physical health and personal development. Foshan Global Casters co., ltd wish you all the best in the new semester and the realization of your goals and dreams!

Post time: Aug-24-2023