• Shopping Cart Casters

    Shopping Cart Casters

    We provide caster customization services for a variety of applications. One such example, our shopping cart caster...
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  • Hand Pallet Jack Casters

    Hand Pallet Jack Casters

    Globe offers caster customization services that allow our casters to meet the requirements of internationally known forklift brands, a few of which are listed below: Allis Chalmer For...
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  • Materials Handling Heavy Duty Casters

    Materials Handling Heavy Duty Casters

    Logistics and transportation companies are focused on the efficient transport of heavy goods in situations where the wrong caster can significantly slow down the logistics process. Because these companies need to load, unload, and transport from a cargo hub to docks, war...
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  • Shock Absorbing Casters

    Shock Absorbing Casters

    For a few specialized industries, the need for a shock absorbing caster is essential to protect precision parts. Due to that, Globe Caster’s products have a number of great features, which are listed below. 1. Shock absorbing casters have a stable working performance und...
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  • Airport Baggage Handling Casters

    Airport Baggage Handling Casters

    Globe Caster has been providing high quality casters for a variety of applications, including those in airports. Casters used in airports are most often used in baggage belts ...
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  • Textile Trolley Casters

    Textile Trolley Casters

    Due to the textile industry environment, logistics turnover carts require casters that will not jam due to wool or other fibers wrapping around the casters. The usage and frequency of these casters will also be high, meaning additional attention needs to be paid to the r...
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  • Mobile Scaffold Casters

    Mobile Scaffold Casters

    Casters in the construction and decoration industry need to be capable of a large load bearing capacity. When used in scaffolding, casters need to easily be assembled and disassembled, as well as have a high load capacity, flexible performance and a solid attachment func...
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  • Serving Cart and Catering Trolley Casters

    Serving Cart and Catering Trolley Casters

    We are a processional caster supplier with international customers coming to us for our caster options that from light duty furniture casters to larg...
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  • Rolling Utility Cart Casters

    Rolling Utility Cart Casters

    We offer casters that are used in industrial, commercial, residential and hotel locations. We also offer casters for storage racks, which are often used in hot...
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  • Factory and Warehouse Trolley Casters

    Factory and Warehouse Trolley Casters

    One thing that is a must have in any factory is a cart to facilitate movement of different materials and products. Loads are often heavy, and our casters have been tested to effectively promote the efficient transfer of goods and materials. More, with over 30 years of ex...
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  • Hotel Cart Casters

    Hotel Cart Casters

    Hotels utilize a wide range of casters in everything from generic carts, to house cleaning carts, room service carts, washing mac...
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