Shopping Cart Casters

We provide caster customization services for a variety of applications. One such example, our shopping cart casters, are supplied to international names such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart and Jusco. Casters that are used on shopping carts need to meet a number of requirements, which are listed below.

1. Supermarket shopping carts have a high usage frequency with high requirements for rotation flexibility and wear resistance.

2. Due to the high usage frequency, these casters require a long service life with low replacement or repair costs.

3. High impact resistance

4. Due to indoor usage, these casters need to be silent and leave no imprint behind on the floor.

Our Solutions

1. Supermarket shopping cart casters are made of polyurethane, and when paired with a shopping cart’s unique, silent design, the casters are silent, which effectively eliminates annoying background noise.

2. In a specific bearing conditions, shopping cart casters do not easily leave behind imprints on the floor.

3. Polyurethane casters are shock absorbent, wear resistant, and oil resistant.

4. The use of ball bearings to install the shopping cart casters makes shopping carts easy and flexible to control, while still giving them a high load capacity and durability.

5. In multi-story supermarkets, the unique design of the casters allows users to freely move their carts up and down ramp slopes.

Our company manufacture commercial caster with a wide range of load capacity since 1988, as a reputable caster and shopping cart caster wheel supplier, we also offer wide range of light duty, medium duty and heavy duty casters for industrial use. We have stem swivel casters and swivel top plate casters with different types of materials and thousands of models for choose. We can manufacture casters based on the custom size, load capacity and materials.

Post time: Dec-18-2021