Hand Pallet Jack Casters


Globe offers caster customization services that allow our casters to meet the requirements of internationally known forklift brands, a few of which are listed below:

Allis Chalmer Forklifts TOYOTA Forklifts STILL Forklifts Mitsubishi Forklifts Jungheinrich Forklifts
Cat Forklifts Linde Forklifts Trifik Forklifts Raymond Forklifts Baker Forklifts
Caterpillar Forklifts Clark Forklifts Crown Forklifts Hyster Forklifts Bianjies forklifts

We offer only the best in high strength nylon wheel casters and iron core polyurethane wheel casters for customers to choose from. We also offer heavy duty spring torsion casters that are solid and reliable. Equipped with Ball duplex bearings, these casters ensure a flexible and stable rotation, even under heavy loads. Because forklifts play such an important part in various industries, a high quality, high strength caster wheel is needed to keep the forklift upright even when handling a heavy load. We recommend iron core polyurethane wheel and nylon wheel casters for forklift applications.

Our company manufacture industrial caster with a wide range of load capacity since 1988, as a reputable caster and caster wheel supplier, we offer wide range of light duty, medium duty and heavy duty casters for hand pallet jacks, offer stem casters and swivel plate mount casters are available with different types of models. There are thousands of high quality caster wheels like rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels, cast iron wheels and casters, can be made on the custom need size, load capacity and materials.

Post time: Dec-18-2021