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  • Tips for Industrial Casters

    With the environmental impact of the market,casters wheels are convenient for our working and daily using .Casters wheels is an important manifestation of self-value realization while providing demand. So how to choose industrial casters? If any selection tips? NO. 1: Load capacity about the cas...
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  • Globe Caster Product Item Number Introduction

    The Globe caster wheel product number consists of 8 parts. 1. Series code: EB Light duty casters wheels series, EC series, ED series, EF medium duty casters wheels series, EG series, EH Heavy duty caster wheels series, EK Extra heavy duty caster wheels series, EP shopping cart caster wheels serie...
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  • What kind of brake does caster have commonly?

    Caster brake, according to the function can be divided into three general: brake wheel, brake direction, double brake. A. Brake wheel: easy to understand, mounted on the wheel sleeve or wheel surface, operated by handor foot device. The operation is to press down, the wheel can not turn, but can ...
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  • Do you know about the part of casters?

    When we see one whole caster ,we don’t know about the part of it .Or we don’t know how to install one caster .Now we will let you know what is the caster and how to install it .  The main components of the casters are: Single wheels: Made of materials such as rubber or nylon to transport goods by...
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  • How to choose proper castor holder

    1. Load  of castor should be firstly considered in selection. For example, for surpermaket, school, hospital, office and hotel where the floor condition is good and smooth and the cargo carried is light relatively (load on each castor is 10-140 kg), electroplated castor holder made of thin steel ...
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  • 2022 new product Foshan Globe caster co.,ltd-light duty caster

    2022 new product Foshan Globe caster co.,ltd EB08 Series-Top plate type -Swivel/Rigid(Zinc-plating) EB09 Series-Top plate type -Swivel/Rigid(Chrome-plating) Caster Size:1 1/2″,2″,2 1/2″,3″ Castor Max load :20-35kg Wheel Material :  Nylon /Muting artificial rubber
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  • History about the casters and wheels

    Throughout the history of human development, people have created many great inventions, and the inventions have greatly changed our lives, the casters wheels are one of them.About your daily travel, whether bicycle, bus, or driving car, these vehicles are transported by casters wheels. People in...
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  • About Caster Accessories

    About Caster Accessories

    1. Dual brake: a brake device that can lock the steering and fix the rotation of wheels. 2. Side brake: a brake device installed on the wheel shaft sleeve or tire surface, which is controlled by foot and fix the rotation of wheels only. 3. Direction locking: a device tha...
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  • How to Select the Right Casters

    How to Select the Right Casters

    1.According to the usage environment a. When choosing an appropriate wheel carrier, the first thing to take into consideration is the wheel caster’s bearing weight. For example, in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings and hotels, the floor is good, smooth a...
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