How to choose the material for the pushcart casters wheels -Part one

Handcarts are the common handling tools in our daily life or in our working environment. According to the appearance of the caster wheels ,there are single wheel ,double wheel ,three wheel …But the pushcart with four wheels are widely used in our market .

What is the feature about the nylon caster wheel ?

 Nylon caster wheel

 Industrial Nylon caster wheel with heat -resistance ,cold-resistance ,anti-friction and light in weight .Now it is widely used in the transportation industry.



 Polyurethane caster wheel (PU caster)

 PU caster wheels have outstanding wear resistance, sewage resistance, and other properties, so it is often used in environmental protection and dust-free industries. In addition, PU casters wheels have an advantage of low noise, as the friction coefficient of polyurethane material on the ground is relatively small, resulting in low noise.


 In general, among the plenty wheel materials, each material has its own strengths and weakness. When selecting, it is needed to choose according to different job requirements.

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Post time: Aug-12-2023