How to correctly select the bearings of the casters

Regarding how to choose high-quality casters, I believe everyone has already understood how to choose, so a good caster cannot do without high-quality bearings. We all know that the use of casters cannot be separated from the assistance of bearings. High quality caster bearings should be suitable for their respective application sites, and there should be enough safety margin left. So how do we choose this high-quality caster bearing? Next, let’s teach you the method of selection by Foshan globe caster Co.,Ltd.

1. Cone bearing – Cone bearing is one of the most important components of roller bearings. Compared to ordinary bearings, their special advantage lies in expanding the range of use of casters and providing improved mobility characteristics.

2. Roller bearings – In addition to wear-resistant and deep groove ball bearings, this sturdy and seismic resistant bearing is mainly used for transportation equipment casters. Compared with other bearings, roller bearings are famous for their very low installation height, relatively low Rolling resistance and huge load capacity. The movement speed of wheels equipped with roller bearings should not exceed 4 kilometers per hour, which is close to the speed of human walking.

3. Precision ball bearings – Single row spoke precision ball bearings that are uniquely designed and comply with German industry standards (DIN) are the highest quality models among bearings. The wheels equipped with these ball bearings can maintain extremely low Rolling resistance even if they carry the maximum load.

4. The simplest form of ordinary bearings - wheel bearings is sliding or friction of the bearings. They are earthquake resistant, almost maintenance free, and based on the characteristics of the material, they can also resist corrosion. If the device only needs to move over short distances and at low speeds.

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