Airport Caster Wheel China Supplier Diamond Plate Swivel (Colored-plating)

Short Description:

Wheel Material: High Strengh Nylon 

Type:Swivel ,Swivel With Anti-collision Frame


Bearing Type:ball bearing

Surface Treatment :Colored plating 


Origin :China

Min. Order: 500 Pieces

Port: Guangzhou, China

Production Capacity: 1000000pcs per month

Payment Terms: T/T before shipment .

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Advantages on our products:

1. High quality materials purchased with strictly quality check.

2. Each product checked strictly before packing.

3. We are professional manufacturer for over 25 years.

4. Trial order or mixed orders are accepted.

5. OEM orders are welcome.

6. Prompt delivery.

7) Any type of casters and wheels can be customized.

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We adopted advanced technology, equipment and high-quality materials to ensure the flexibility, convenience and durability of our products. In different circumstances, our products have wear, collision, chemical corrosion, low/high temperature resistance, trackless, floor protection and low noise features.

75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (2)


75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (3)


How to carry out daily maintenance of medical casters

The daily maintenance of medical casters is similar to that of industrial casters, but there are also some of its own characteristics. The following Globe Caster will introduce how to carry out the daily maintenance of medical casters:

1. Support frame and fasteners:

Square plate type: Tighten loose screws and nuts, and check whether the weld or square plate is damaged. Overloading or impact will cause the square plate and steel bowl to continuously twist to one side, which will cause the counterweight to tilt on a single caster and cause premature damage to the medical caster.

Screw type: Tighten the nut and the screw is firmly riveted to ensure that the mounting bracket is not bent and the plug is correctly positioned. When installing the casters, lock nuts or anti-loosening washers should be used. The casters for extending the screw must ensure that the screw is firmly placed in the casing.

Medical caster manufacturer

2. Lubrication: Add lubricating grease every six months under normal conditions. Applying lubricating grease to the steel bowl, sealing ring and bearing can reduce conflicts and make rotation more flexible.

3. Casters: visually inspect the wear of medical casters. Poor rotation of the casters is related to fine dust, threads, hair and other debris. Loosen the nut to remove these debris and then tighten it again; if the caster has been damaged and strained, you need to replace the single wheel to avoid wearing the tread.

4. If the equipment is equipped with 4 casters, you must check whether the 4 casters are on the same plane during operation. If the tread of some casters has worn out and the rotation is unbalanced, the single wheel or the entire wheel needs to be replaced.

In short, medical casters are also divided into categories. For example, medical bed casters and medical equipment casters should be inspected more frequently. Because of their particularities, our work is not allowed to be sloppy!

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