Trolley Ball Bearing Caster Wheel With Threaded Stem Swivel Type

Short Description:

Wheel Material:PU

Type:swivel /fixed /with brake

Brake:with side brake /with dual brake 


Surface Treatment :zinc-plating 


Origin :China

Min. Order: 500 Pieces

Port: Guangzhou, China
Production Capacity: 1000000pcs per month
Payment Terms: T/T
Type: Rotating Wheel

Product Detail

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High-class PU caster


Super muting PU caster


High-strength artificial rubber caster


Advantages on our products:

1. High quality materials purchased with strictly quality check.

2. Each product checked strictly before packing.

3. We are professional manufacturer for over 25 years.

4. Trial order or mixed orders are accepted.

5. OEM orders are welcome.

6. Prompt delivery.

7) Any type of casters and wheels can be customized.

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We adopted advanced technology, equipment and high-quality materials to ensure the flexibility, convenience and durability of our products. In different circumstances, our products have wear, collision, chemical corrosion, low/high temperature resistance, trackless, floor protection and low noise features.

75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (2)


75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (3)


Application and installation of low center of gravity casters

Install and check the products to be used, do not put heavy objects around to avoid damage, and most easily damaged items are not commonly used. Good products can better explain the importance of casters in production. Entering modern society, the development of industry, the progress of science and technology, low-center-of-gravity casters have also shown a trend of diversified development. The performance of the product changes with the actual demand for production.

Have a certain understanding of all caster products. Appropriate and inappropriate places are responsible for operation and maintenance. In order to avoid improper use or overload, you should use low-center-of-gravity casters in appropriate positions to prevent the cargo from being stressed under cargo pressure. .

A series of links from product load to installation, etc. need to be operated in accordance with the corresponding procedures. Nothing can be taken lightly. The low-center-of-gravity casters can be used with equipment under 5t, which has good stability, guarantees the safety of the equipment, and reduces various unknown hidden dangers of the equipment. Various processes are used to achieve the desired effect, including some special requirements, but also special treatments, such as: 1. Perfect double-layer track structure; 2. Basic type of SIDE brake; 3. Excellent ground protection device and wheel rotation ; 4. Super heavy-duty and low-altitude safety structure; 5. Surface treatment can be environmentally friendly galvanizing, electrophoresis and other processes.

Low-center-of-gravity casters are highly flexible and have a wide range of applications. Such as: 1. Supermarket computer desk; 2. Electronic computer; 3. Medical equipment. It is required to use equipment with heavy load and low center of gravity.

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