China Fixed Cheap Trolley Caster Factory PU Wheel Swivel With Side Brake

Short Description:

Wheel Material: PU

Type:Bolt hole /Bolt hole with brake 

Brake:with side brake /with dual brake


Color: Blue ,Grey

Bearing Type:ball bearing

Surface Treatment :zinc-plating


Origin :China

Min. Order: 500 Pieces

Port: Guangzhou, China

Production Capacity: 1000000pcs per month

Payment Terms: T/T before shipment

Product Detail

Product Tags

1-1ED1 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

Meili caster

1-2ED1 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

High-strength PU caster

1-3ED1 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

Super muting PU caster


Advantages on our products:

1. High quality materials purchased with strictly quality check.

2. Each product checked strictly before packing.

3. We are professional manufacturer for over 25 years.

4. Trial order or mixed orders are accepted.

5. OEM orders are welcome.

6. Prompt delivery.

7) Any type of casters and wheels can be customized.

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We adopted advanced technology, equipment and high-quality materials to ensure the flexibility, convenience and durability of our products. In different circumstances, our products have wear, collision, chemical corrosion, low/high temperature resistance, trackless, floor protection and low noise features.

75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (2)


75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (3)


Why are nylon materials commonly used in supermarket casters?

There are many places in the supermarket that will use casters, we collectively call them supermarket casters, such as supermarket cart casters, supermarket shelf casters and so on. Supermarket casters are mainly used to be placed under the cargo trolleys and flatbeds. The trolleys and flatbeds not only need to be promoted in the warehouse but also promoted on the store. There are many people in the store and there are many shelves, so the flexibility of the trolley is high. So what are the requirements for the selection of casters for supermarkets? The following GLOBE CASTER will introduce to you the use of nylon materials on supermarket casters:

There will be more nylon casters for supermarket casters, especially pay attention to not using iron or rubber wheels.

So why choose nylon material to make supermarket casters? Because nylon wheels are quiet and wear-resistant, and have a smooth surface and low friction coefficient, so they are more flexible to use. For the cargo handling work in the supermarket, the need is to move the cargo to be labor-saving and light.

Analyze the damage of some old-fashioned trolleys and flatbed carts in supermarkets. The main reason for the damage is often the damage of the caster parts, and the casters with the rubber material and the metal inner bone are mostly damaged. It is common for such casters to peel off the outer edge of the rubber after a long period of use. The caster made of nylon material, because the nylon material has excellent wrapping, and because the nylon material is smooth and wear-resistant, the material reduces the chance of peeling during use.

In short, nylon material is the first material used for supermarket casters, because the longer the service life of supermarket casters, the better, and they also need to be comfortable and convenient to use. Therefore, nylon materials are usually used to produce casters in such places as supermarket trolleys!

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