China PU Trolley Wholesale Caster Wheel Manufacturers Swivel With Brake

Short Description:

Wheel Material: PU

Type:Swivel ,Fixed ,With Brake

Brake:with side brake /with dual brake


Color: Grey ,Black ,Red ,

Bearing Type:ball bearing

Surface Treatment :zinc-plating


Origin :China

Min. Order: 500 Pieces

Port: Guangzhou, China

Production Capacity: 1000000pcs per month

Payment Terms: T/T before shipment

Product Detail

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4-1ED2 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

High-class PU caster

4-2ED2 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

Super muting PU caster

4-3ED2 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

Super PU caster caster

4-4ED2 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

High-strength artificial rubber caster

4-5ED2 Series-Top plate type-Swivel

Conductive artificial rubber caster


Advantages on our products:

1. High quality materials purchased with strictly quality check.

2. Each product checked strictly before packing.

3. We are professional manufacturer for over 25 years.

4. Trial order or mixed orders are accepted.

5. OEM orders are welcome.

6. Prompt delivery.

7) Any type of casters and wheels can be customized.

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We adopted advanced technology, equipment and high-quality materials to ensure the flexibility, convenience and durability of our products. In different circumstances, our products have wear, collision, chemical corrosion, low/high temperature resistance, trackless, floor protection and low noise features.

75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (2)


75mm-100mm-125mm-Swivel-PU-Trolley-Caster-Wheel-with-Threaded-Stem-Brake-Wheel-Castor (3)


Are medical casters also divided into universal wheels and directional wheels? What's the difference

Medical casters are relatively strict in terms of their production process requirements, caster characteristics and quality due to the particularity of their use scenes. But no matter how it changes, medical casters are also divided into two categories: universal wheels and directional wheels. What is the difference between them?

1. The difference in the convenience of turning

Medical universal wheels can turn flexibly. Directional casters cannot turn independently. They need to be matched with universal wheels to turn. It is worth noting that there is a turning radius, which is related to the diameter of the caster and the brake type. A certain relationship.

2. Promote the difference in control ability

Medical universal wheels are easy to turn. In some small indoor scenes, there may be a medical trolley where all four casters are universal wheels, so that the turning is flexible and can be turned substantially in a small space. The medical directional wheel is more labor-saving, and it is used to connect outdoors and indoors, and it is more convenient to use in the case of medical warehouses.

3. Use with

It is not said which caster is better. Under normal circumstances, it still needs to be used together with casters. In this way, the turning flexibility of the universal wheel is added, and the stability of the directional caster is increased, and the thrust is more labor-saving.

In short, medical casters are also divided into two categories: universal wheels and directional wheels. The main difference is that they can turn 360 degrees on a horizontal surface, while medical directional casters can only move forward and backward. These two casters usually need to be used in combination.

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